RealDash from background

To bring RealDash from background (Android only)

  • Send value 2 into ‘Other->App Started’ (targetId=86)

Thank you, everything seems to work! Immediately a question is brewing?

What happens if you send “1” Or “0” Or “3” to id = 86?
Can I send RealDash back to the background?
Or is it still more logical to call a third-party application from RD, which actually translates RD into the background?

Thank you so much for the weather and the navigation arrows😊
This is very mega cool!

Is it working for you or not? Do not start multiple threads on same topic.

I apologize, this topic was created last night, and I wanted to thank … so we won’t be discussing this topic … Once again, I’ve simplified and THANKS for what you are doing!
Only the topic in errors and malfunctions remains relevant.

I want to bring back RD from background.

How to enable this:

  • Send value 2 into ‘Other->App Started’ (targetId=86) ?

I can’t find it.


This topic was about bringing RD to background. Currently only ways to re-activate RD from the background is to use Charger or headphones plugged in events, or to do it manually.

Ok, then clicking on recent apps and choosing RD is easier.

I thought that reset condition can bring RD back to foreground.