Realdash in Dacia Duster

Hello everybody…
I’m new here and my name is ralf, I come from Heidelberg and drive a dacia duster.
Sorry for my english, I know it’s horrible, please check it out for me.
I came across realdash by chance a long time ago and found it great, especially since it is the only obd app that also has a built-in navigation.
A compliment to the developers for their great work.
I read most of the help in the forum, because trying is the best way to learn.
The result is the following…

First I re-created my dashboard in the dacia:
Then i adjusted the color of my radio:

Then I bought a tablet and first made the start screen:
Now realdash finally comes into play:

The matching night view:
And don’t worry, the colors are identical everywhere, especially in the night view…

Many wishes from Heidelberg

Ralf :smiley:

Looking good :thumbs: A lot of work went into that one.

Wow! Looks awesome!