RealDash kms md35

Hello, I’m Wim Hapers from Belgium.
I’m currently building a racecar and I would like to use realdash.
My engine management is an kms md35.
I don’t know how I can make this work, mayby there is someone on here who can help me a little.
I’m not very good with computers.
I also bought an can to usb analyzer, I bought one from the list, but don’t know if I need it or Hou to use it.

I really like the realdash, it gives many possibilities if I can make it work.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.
Wim Hapers

You can connect directly to ECU serial stream, see these instructions:

It is possible to use CAN adapter to read ECU CAN stream, but unfortunately there is no ready made description file in RealDash for KMS ECUs, so you would need to write one by yourself. If you have KMS ECU CAN protocol documentation, I can take a look and help write the XML if its not too complicated.

Got it working.
Thank you for the help.