Hi. I am primarily trying to connect maxxecu to realdash runing on a microsoft surface pro 3 over USB.
I also tried commenting it to both android and windows over the internal maxxecu bluetoth protocol.
I was wondering if somebody already had managed to connect to maxxecu and if there is an xml file that works and i could start with or how i should go about to make it work?

As MaxxECU uses custom serial port, we have not been able to make the USB connection work on Windows. If your ECU has Bluetooth, it works fine with Windows.

On Android you can use both, USB-Serial or Bluetooth.

No need for a custom XML. Note that we just made some fixes to MaxxECU connection for RealDash 1.7.2, so please update to latest version.

I’m using realdash with my maxxecu but there are some values I can’t get from the ecu, for example oil- and fuel pressure.
Is there some way to add more inputs? Or edit them some how?

I would also show the state of a digital input for example (launch on)

Oil pressure/temp should be mapped to ENGINE/ECU INPUTS: Engine Oil Pressure/temp. The fuel pressure seems to be missing from the stream, I will check it to next release.

The oil pressure input you suggest is showing a value, but not the same Value as in my maxxecu. Seems to be some other parameter?

Do you want some more specific info from my config?

Check if engine oil pressure is mapped to some other value. Go to ‘Settings->Units & Values->4th page’ and remove any mapping of engine oil pressure if present.

I dont have any set under input mapping other than:

  • Gear
  • Odometer
  • Tripmeter A
  • Tripmeter B
  • Vechicle speed

Which should i use?
a) ENGINE/ECU INPUTS: OBD2: Fuel pressure
b) BODY ELECTRONICS: Fuel Pressure

And for oil pressure, im using
ENGINE/ECU INPUTS: Engine Oil Pressure.
Is that correct?

For Oil Pressure, use: ENGINE/ECU INPUTS: Engine Oil Pressure.
For Fuel Pressure, use: BODY ELECTRONICS: Fuel Pressure (from 1.7.3 onwards)

In case you need to ask help from MaxxECU, the oil pressure is channel 804 and fuel pressure is channel 499 on incoming stream.

Thats what i currently is using but it doesn’t show any fuel pressure value and oil pressure is set on 3.1bar even if the engine is running or not.

I noticed there was a lot of specific maxxecu inputs available now, perhaps I should try to use the analog input instead and convert the voltage to a pressure some how? Is there anyone that have gotten these values to work?

I still cant seem to get this to work.
Is there some special settings in MaxxECU i have to do?

None that I know of. I have MaxxECU on my table and these settings work for me. Sorry for not being able to help any further :frowning:

Then its something wrong on mine side! What input are you using for the sensors in the maxxecu? And what type of sensor have you specified in the maxxecu setting? If it could be something with that!

This is my maxxecu settings, so you see something that differs from yours?
As you can see I have pressure values showed in the bottom of M-tune.

So it seems like yours is configured that these values go to RealDash inputs:

ECU Specific->MaxxECU: USER AIN3 input voltage
ECU Specific->MaxxECU: USER AIN4 input voltage

Verify by adding text gauges linked to those inputs to see if you see the sensor voltage.

You need to ask MaxxECU on how to get these sent into serial stream to display the actual value instead of voltage. If its not possible to configure in MTune, only way to see actual values is to use Gauge Math to convert the voltage to pressure/temp reading.

How is your setup configured when you got the data via the parameters you previous wrote?
Will test these AIN settings just to see what data i get but it would be intrested to see how your config is made as it works as it is supposed to :slight_smile:

Hi! I can confirm now that the AIN voltages shows correctly. I’m still curious on how your config is setup, would like to avoid making math conversion!

Honestly, I do not know how it is set up as its only for a desktop testing and is exactly as it came from MaxxECU. Sorry, but I’m not an expert on how MTune is used to configure the ECU.

I got a tip from maxxecu Facebook community, this input solved it for me, shows the value in kPa