RealDash Noob

RealDash & all things ODB virgin here.
I bought myself a MeatPi for my XC90 and am looking to use it to display engine insights onto a Legend (Chinese) Android headend using RealDash as it seems by far the best software.
Thus far it’s been a disaster. I have failed miserably to get the MeatPi to communicate with RealDash despite following all I can find on how to do so!!!
Can someone please point me in the direction of an complete and utter idiots guide?
On a different note, once working I was thinking I’d leave the MeatPi perm connected which I assume means I have to add another OBD port. Will it work and which cables must I replicate in that duplicate port for it to work?

Hard to help with so little information of what went wrong. You could also contact MeatPi developer for setup help, I know they do like to help out.

As for second OBD2 port, I don’t know for what would you need it? For using Analyzers and error code readers you could just simply unplug your instruments while reading the port.

You’re right it’s daft there is so little info. I’ll do it all again this week, take detailed notes this time & come back :wink: