RealDash not connecting!

Recently, I realized that I could not connect to the assetto corsa game with realdash installed on my phone. I thought the problem would be on the phone and I tested it with a different phone, but I still saw that I could not connect. Thinking that the problem will be related to the computer, I tested it with another computer, but the result is still unsuccessful. Unable to connect. Let’s get to the interesting part. The connection cannot be established in realdash that I downloaded from the Windows store, but I was able to connect successfully in the application I installed on Nox Emulator. What is this problem caused by? (Sorry for my bad english. I’m using translation)

Its probably due this:

Yes I know that and I’m already running it. But I can’t connect with any other device except android emulator.

99% of the time these problems are due local network firewall or other settings blocking the port required to receive the data. These are very hard to troubleshoot remotely, sorry :frowning: