Realdash OBD2 Communication issue using Android on Asus Tinkerboard

Hi all! I have an issue with RealDash and an Asus Tinkerboard. I really want to get this working as I love RealDash and have purchased almost all the dashboard designs. Switched up recently from a tablet device to dedicated Asus board and wide LCD. I am running Android on this Asus. Using OBDLink LX Bluetooth device. RealDash worked fine on the tablet, and works on my phone.

The Asus can read the OBD/CAN scan and does communicate, but the main dashboard gets stuck at the “obtaining PID” message on the lower right. It then disconnects from adapter and starts the cycle over. I have wiped the Asus board OS, installed a completely different version of Android OS and this same issue persists. My phone connects and works with RealDash fine, so i pulled that APK and installed it on the Asus. SAME error. Other dash apps work and stay connected. My phone stays connected. Is my Asus board somehow at fault here? Is the chipset (RockChip RK3288) not friendly with RealDash? Ive tried numerous configurations for the OBD2 adapter. Adapted the cars ISO (it did read that) speed and config. Tried different car profiles. What am i missing here?

Unfortunately this is an issue that is next to impossible troubleshoot remotely. I do not believe the problem is with Tinkerboard/hardware itself, but hard to say :frowning: