Realdash on andorid 10 loading help

Im new to real dash and i seem to have a problem where i set my real dash to start and shut down on charging events. it works as i unplug the usb it will turn of the screen on the tablet then turns of after 15 seconds. But as soon as i plug the charger in the screen lights up but realdash wont load on its own. Has any one had this issue

Yes, unfortunately starting from Android 10 apps that are not running will not get charging notifications. This is due security I guess.

It is possible to make a background service into RealDash that will get the events, but that will only bring up a system popup asking if RealDash can handle that event. So that completely ruins the purpose.

Ahh I did think that thanks for the reply what android system would be good to allow the app to work how it should with turning if and on via usb charging event .
As I have been trying to get it to work with auto mate but it’s so inconsistent and I belive that’s just down to android 10 like you say

I do not know a perfect solution for this. One option is to use some sort of car launcher and set up RealDash as navigation app and then configure the navigation to start automatically when system starts. This is what we do on most Android head units.

Yea I’ll give that a try if not I’ll just get an older andorid tablet what version of andorid would be the best for the system control