RealDash on BMW F650GS motorcycle


First of all congrats to all of you for very nice app and great support.

I want to install RealDash on an Android tablet and replace the old dashboard of my motorcycle, with it.
After some study on this forum topics and some others, I have some questions:

  • I want to buy a diagnose interface for this motorcycle, DS911 to communicate with RealDash. It has only an USB connection. Do you think it will work? I have seen on this forum an application with ELM327 with Bluetooth, but there is some delay in communication an I would avoid it.
  • I also want to add an Arduino module to collect some signals that are not available on GS911, side side stand, high beam, side markers, add engine and oil temperature, oil pressure sensor monitoring, external temperature, using digital and analogic inputs.
    There is also on market some tire pressure sensor which also have only USB interface.
    Now my question is, it is possible to connect all those “interfaces” on same USB port of Android tablet?
    Maybe Arduino can be on Bluetooth, but can work in same time with RealDash?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

Depending on how new your bike is, it probably has a CAN bus so you should be able to read CAN data directly. With CAN you can read everything from your bike, including turn signal status etc. See supported CAN adapters here:

Thank you realdashdev for your answer.

The bike is from 2002. Via OBD, with a module recommended in the manuals, I’ve study and I can read RPM, tacho, engine temperature and maybe some other not so important things.
The turn signals, low fuel, neutral, oil pressure, side or central stand I’ve seen that are not in the ECU communication frame.

That’s why I was thinking to connect in parallel an Arduino module with some digital/analogic IO, to send also some frames for those signals. Or maybe another module, not mandatory Arduino.
Do you think it is possible? Can you give me some guidelines how to add this signals in RealDash app?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Hi There,

Please will you share how you got the Bluetooth ODB adapter working on your F650GS? I have the elm327 interface but not getting any readings at all. Would like to at least get the temperature reading.

Would appreciate some.helo!


Sorry for late reply, I had a very rough period with job.

ELM interface didn’t worked also on my bike, at least the ones I had, both BT or WiFi.
OBD MX interface, which I have for my car, worked just plug & play.

I’ve put on hold the project, as I said, due to lack of time.

Hi Jani, my BMW 320d F30 LCI June 2016 model also has a CAN bus. Can you help me read the corrects parameters from the car to capture turn signals, exact kmpl, tyre pressure, etc onto to my Android tablet?

Do I need to modify the xml file and add other parameters? Do I need to add an external hardware box or just make changes at the RD end?

I can pay for this service if you can enable it for me via software.


Unfortunately this is not possible to scan and analyse the CAN bus on the vehicle remotely. If you can find the CAN frame IDs and instructions on the data, I can help you make a XML file.

No extra hardware is needed for 2016 car. Just a supported CAN adapter.

Where can I get this CAN adapter? Do I need to open up the stock head unit and then connect this “supported CAN adapter” to get the CAN frame IDs or is there any other way to get it? Sorry, I am not able to understand how to extract it.

Here is a list of currently supported CAN adapters:

Thanks Jani. I am currently using this:

Will one of your recommended CAN adapters be able to read more parameters from the OBD2 port and thereby give me more accurate kmpl readings, show turn signals, etc? Does it collect more CAN bus parameters than the Vgate?

I do not know as we do not use those adapters. In theory, all proper adapters should work the same, but in real life there are a lot of differences. We just do not have resources to test all hundreds of adapters that are available.