Realdash on Maxxecu Street.

Good morning. I have a question. I bought a Maxxecu street without bluetooth,and i cant use a bluetooth adapter to run the maxxecu mdash program (it works on android devices and conects via bluetooth). Its posible to connect Realdash to my Maxxecu with a usb cable? Im wondering to use an android tablet. Will be great if it posible! Thanks for your suport,and nice program!! Greatings from Spain.

Yes, MaxxECU works with USB connection on Android. You need an USB-OTG adapter to connect the USB to your device. Give it a go.

Om using it as realdashdev says, works good! Fun to se more using it!

Thanks a lot!! I hope install soon my maxxecu and use the fantastic realdash app :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

Why shows in loop “connecting to maxxecu”? Im trying to connect my maxxecu street to my android phone via usb cable,it works on a android phone? Or i need an android tablet? Thanks!

MaxxEcu with Android and USB is supported. Does other MaxxEcu apps work for you? I believe they have their own app, please verify that connection works with that.

They have Mdash,but only work with bluetooth,and my ecu dont have it. So i need a usb connection. Can it be a usb adapter problem? Im using a Usb AB adapter. Thanks!

It could be, confirm that your Android device supports USB-OTG and try another OTG adapter.