Realdash on the pi 5?

im wondering if the pi 5 might improve on the current graphical limitations realdash runs into on the pi 4 , with slightly lower than ideal framerate and some stuttering

does the pi 5 have the hardware specs to fix that?

We will know that as soon as I can get one. Specs seem good, but traditionally RPi VideoCore GPU has struggled with blending and transparency, which unfortunately RealDash uses a lot.

looks like it uses the next gen of videocore GPU and supposedly it benchmarks much faster

Previous Raspis are also pretty good on pushing solid triangles, but struggle when using alpha blending on large scale. Fingers crossed that Pi5 is better on that front, but I’m not holding my breath until get to test it.

i was able to get my hands on a pi 5 yesterday, if i have some spare cycles im going to try shoving realdash on there, and see how it performs
are there any stock dashes or maybe demo files i can use as a “stress test”?

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i receive mine today, seems to work good, maybe some adjustement but, everything is fluid.

the good thing is that the rpi5 boot in only 13 second!

the bad is that the autostart dont work for me so i have to read a little bit on this

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For the autostart on rpi5

Everything is booting in 15 secondes

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If you have access to Premium dashboards, 720RD, C8, Dash of Color, MKV and New Boss are good test dashes.

Is there a most recent or most up to date start guide for Realdash on the pi? Or is it basically read through the big thread

The first post here should be up to date:

Linux version - General / General RealDash discussion - RealDash Forum