RealDash on windows 8.1 rt

Question to developers - can we expect the application to be installed on windows 8.1rt or windows 10rt? Device - Microsoft surface RT.

Anything before Windows 10 - No. RealDash is developed as Windows 10 UWP app, so it ‘should’ work on any version of Windows 10.

When Windows 10 is installed on microsoft Surface RT 1 generation tablet, RealDash is not possible to install. Not supported by the device. Windows 10 ARM32 15035. The same problem was on another tablet with an X86 processor. It wasn’t until Windows 10 20H2 was updated to install the program. And this version of windows is not yet available for installation on Surface RT

I discussed this issue on a profile forum, and I was told that it is impossible to install RealDash from the Windows Store because of the program’s high requirements for building Windows.

RealDash is built on ‘Target Platform Min. Version’ as 10.0.17763.0.

Is it possible to somehow lower the program requirements for installation with Windows 10 ARM32 build 15035? Not through the Windows Store, but download the archive from the link on the Internet.

Currently no. RD is dependent on Microsoft store to operate and requires later SDK to work properly.

Very sorry. I wanted to use RD on a tablet without an Internet connection at all with my own theme, according to my needs.