Realdash turns off wifi from device

Hello all,

I have a strange behavior when running Realdash on my Android Headunit.
When Realdash is not running, I connect my headunit with wifi to my phone’s hotspot. This works fine and stable, untill I run Realdash. After a few minutes, the wifi of the headunit turns off completely. When manualy turn on and connect to my hotspot again, it works for a few minutes and then wifi is turned of again. Then I shutdown Realdash, turn my wifi on again and connect to my hotspot and it works “for ever”, until I start Realdash again, then the wifi of the headunit turnes off again.

Battery save mode is off in Realdash, automatic BT enable/disable is off and offline mode is off.
The headunit is connected to a OBDii>USB cable, so it doesn’t use WIFI or BT for the connection to OBDii.

I hope someone can help me with this.

Check your device location settings if WiFi is allowed as one location source. I have heard this once before that Googles location service may attempt to use WiFi for location and may have something to do with this.

Oke will check that when I get in my car again. Thank you in advance for your help.

Unfortunately this did not work. I only have this problem running Realdash on this headunit. I tested it with Torque Pro for example and running that app is without any problems.

In the settings of the Android Headunit, I can not find any settings that enables or disables auto turn off wifi or something similar.

Hard to say what could be the cause. There is not code in RealDash that activates/deactivates WiFi apart from Googles location services.

Edit: One thing came to mind; RealDash uses native level networking components on Android. Maybe this will cause Android own system not to detect that WiFi is in use and therefore disabling the hotspot automatically.

Try if disabling ‘Turn off hotspot automatically’ setting in Android helps with this.

I’m going to weigh in on this bug. It is repeatable for me in this way:
If realdash is configured to talk to realdash can over wifi and it cannot reach the configured server, it will reset the wifi within 2-3 mins.
If I remove that connection, the android wifi functions normally.

Will this reset happen if connection is connected and active?

It can, but I believe it is more stable then. I haven’t tested this particular scenario.

The reason I’m asking is that if hotspot stays active when connection is working, it means that Android system does note the network usage from NDK level and that is not the reason for stopping the hotspot.

Actually the problem seems to happen whenever RealDash is using WiFi. Perhaps even when multicast is on. Only way to stabilize android is to make sure RealDash is not using any WiFi and reboot… This was not happening before, or at least only occasionally so something may have changed. I drove thousands of miles using RealDash can over WiFi before, but now I doubt if I’d get one mile. I had a few resets in the past. It may be due to an update of some sort.