RealDash version 1.6.1

RealDash version 1.6.1 is now available!


  • New dashboard asset sets.
  • Option to show/hide speed cameras on map.
  • Added support for Codemasters F1 2019
  • New racetrack: Greece, Athens Circuit.
  • Chinese localization.


  • Autoscaling text size and offset max increased to 250.
  • Analog clock pointers can now be scaled and offset.
  • Fixed some look’n feel items not working from edit boxes.
  • Autoscaling, segment images are drawn per level.
  • OBD2 XML is parsed and loaded in connection settings.
  • Destination is added to recent list when navigation is started from action.
  • Navigation time remaining fixed on very long steps.
  • Android: Improved external music player support.
  • Android: Bluetooth connection reliability tweaks.
  • Android: Speech recognition no longer uses the previous as default.
  • Win10: fixed dash file not truncating in size.