RealDash version 1.6.2

RealDash version 1.6.2 is now available! This is mostly a maintenance update.


  • New racetrack: GingerMan Raceway, MI, US.
  • New racetrack: Circuit Croix En Ternois, France.
  • Map gauge: user pan & zoom is automatically reset if connected to GPS.


  • Asset with same binary content as other asset can now be added to dashboard.
  • Trip share button was hard to hit on small screens.
  • Shared trip image route was rendered upside down.
  • Map Gauge automatic zoom is now smoother.
  • Map Gauge drawing glitch when dragging thru pages.
  • Text gauge static text can now be set per level.
  • Text decimals not updating on round autoscale texts.
  • Calculated fuel level can now be set with action.
  • MaxxECU and Link ECU: Fixed data stream ‘lagging behind’ on some devices.
  • OBD2: Not reading data on some CAN based vehicles.
  • Android: Multicasting host ip address is shown when host is also a hotspot.
  • Win10: Local music player now works (music files in users ‘Music’ folder).

[*] Win10: Fixed garage settings not exporting correctly