RealDash version 1.7.0

  • 1.7.0 released 19.3.2020


  • Navigation icons are now available from current instruction input.
  • Weather API has been switched to another.
  • Android: Added setting to filter system notifications by source.
  • Android: App can be restored from background with input value.


  • Garage gear ratios now show 3 decimals.
  • Data Multicast setting ip-address input now activates correctly.
  • Context menus have a border.
  • Fixed ‘Set Gauge Text’ action.
  • OBD2: Fixed some custom header reply value parsing.
  • OBD2: Fixed the ‘NO DATA->Reconnect’ loop on some vehicles.
  • OBD2: Gauges that are made invisible by animation no longer generate requests.
  • OBD2: Fixed parsing on PID support reply from some vehicle types.
  • Megasquirt: Fixed problems with signature parsing.
  • Win10: Fixed removal of custom intro images.
  • Win10: Splash screen is now full black.

To access navigation icon:

  • link image gauge to ‘Device Inputs->Navigation: Instruction, Current’

To access weather icon:

  • link image gauge to ‘Calculated Values->Weather, Visibility (Net)’

To bring RealDash from background (Android only)

  • Send value 2 into ‘Other->App Started’ (targetId=86)

To use system notification filter setting (Android only)

  • If filter is empty, all system notifications are passed to RealDash.
  • Filter is a comma separated values of text strings that are checked against notification source package names.
  • If notification filter is found in source package name, the notification is passed to RealDash.
  • Example:,whatsapp allows notifications from gmail and whatsapp. All other notifications are discarded.