RealDash version 1.7.3

  • 1.7.3 released 17.4.2020


  • EasyEcu 3+ is now supported (
  • New input value: Simulated oil pressure.
  • Color slider now affects indicators and text.
  • Added separate input for front fog lights.
  • New engine parameter: Idle RPM.
  • Look’n Feel shows color adjust preview.
  • Android: Added ultrawide screen scale option (haxxor).


  • Color slider values can now be set with actions.
  • Fixed some datalog files not showing speed on playback.
  • Float values can now be entered without leading zero.
  • Dashboard variants are listed in gallery dash info popup.
  • Reduced playback latency on sound effects.
  • User zoom level is now saved for all dashes.
  • Fixed crash on input mapping popup when mapping contained unknown custom value.
  • Enginebits moved to Engine category.
  • Fixed dynamic color setting not saving or applying to most color components.
  • Fixed removal of data multicast values.
  • Android: Fixed connection issue with ME442 PnP.
  • Android: Added support for USB serial VID0x0483/PID0x5740.
  • MaxxECU: restored Lambda to its original source.
  • MaxxECU: Added fuel pressure channel.

The ‘Ultrawide Aspect Fix’ option (Settings->Application->2nd page) force scales the dashboard into ultrawide screens. This may become handy when Android does not recognize the real screen size and reports invalid resolution. This is a hack, and dashboard editing is disabled when this option is active.