RealDash version 1.7.4

  • 1.7.4 released 4.5.2020


  • Quick settings fuel slider is now ‘Add Fuel’ Slider.
  • Added fuel type: Electricity.
  • Added two new fuel consumption types Wh/KM and Wh/MI.
  • Triggers can be duplicated with ‘Copy’ option.
  • New setting to limit datalog rows per second.
  • DashBox settings has a CAN Monitor option.
  • CAN XML file has new optional parameter: signed=“true”
  • New action: Rotate dashboard page.


  • Fixed weather values update delay.
  • Fixed font narrowing factor not saving.
  • Fixed garage not allowing to change fuel settings.
  • Improved invalid CAN frame handling.
  • Fixed not being able to remove values from datalogging.
  • Fixed Bar Gauge autoscaling text size on different resolutions.
  • Fixed map tile loading area showing on top of mask image.


Bar Gauge autoscaling texts were not scaled properly between resolutions. The fix may adjust your Bar Gauge autoscaling text size slightly.

RealDash CAN XML format now has new optional parameter for ‘frame’ and ‘value’ sections; signed=“true”. If this parameter is set for frame, all values in frame are handled by RealDash as signed values. If parameter is set for value, that specific value is handled as signed. This new parameter makes it easier to send signed data without the need to offset the data with ‘conversion’ parameter.

This version has an improvement to error handling of CAN frame parsing over ‘RealDash CAN’ or ‘CAN/LIN adapter’ connection types. As interrupt driven CAN systems may write CAN frame to serial while previous write is still in progress causing frame bytes to interleave into the serial stream. RealDash attempts to detect this situation and discard interleaved frames.