RealDash version 1.7.6

  • 1.7.6 released 5.6.2020


  • Speed limit warning notification.
  • New action: Reset history mode of all gauges in page.
  • Added Skip Tutorial option on startup.
  • Android: Some Bluetooth LE serial devices are now supported.


  • Speeduino: Fixed signed value handling.
  • Speeduino: Lambda is now set per incoming AFR.
  • Speeduino: Added support for VSS data.
  • Improved reliability of ME221 connection.
  • Multicast settings now show amount of sent/received data correctly.
  • Multicast clients now reset received values if connection is lost.
  • Multicast values are sent when not used by dashboard.
  • Settings import/export now contains global triggers and actions.
  • Added E100 as fuel type.
  • Gauge history modes are now reset when new connection is made.
  • OBD2: Fixed reconnect on some vehicles after ignition off/on.
  • Android: Added legacy file access mode for API29.