RealDash version 1.7.7

  • 1.7.7 released 25.6.2020


  • Shuffle play input for internal music player
  • New actions: Toggle shuffle play and open virtual keyboard.
  • Data multicast options to cast or accept inputs.
  • RealDash CAN XML has new ‘enum’ parameter.
  • Action lists have ‘Copy’ option.
  • New racetrack, Kymiring Finland.
  • OBD2: Added vehicle specific configurations to connection settings.


  • Internal music player subfolder scan and album art loading improved.
  • Performance improvement for animated autoscaled gauges.
  • Steering Wheel buttons 7-12 renamed as DPAD buttons.
  • Odo and tripmeter are now saved per vehicle profile.
  • Fixed crash related to OpenSSL.
  • OBD2: Improved Multipid request support and performance.


RealDash CAN XML ‘enum’ parameter

RealDash CAN XML value ‘enum’ parameter makes it easier to show text based on values received from the CAN stream. The enum parameter consists of comma separated value/text pairs with colon ‘:’ separating the value and the text. Examples of usage:

Above example reads first byte on owner frame. When this value is linked to text gauge will show text:
‘Zero’ if value is 0
‘One’ if value is 1
‘Two’ if value is 2
‘Something else’ if value is not any of the specified enum values. This is specified in enum as value # and is optional. If default value is not specified, gauge will show actual numeric value.

It is also possible to specify a range of values in enum with tilde ‘~’ character:
enum=“1~9:One to Nine,10:Ten,#:Something else”

Tilde ‘~’ is used here instead of hyphen ‘-’ as it is possible to specify negative values into value/range.

The enum value can be used with ‘conversion’ parameter. The enum value is evaluated after the conversion.

Data Multicasting touchpad and keyboard events

New feature in Data Multicasting allows to multicast virtual touchpad and keyboard events between instances. This feature makes it possible to create a remote controller. Steps to create a simple data multicast remote controller:

  • Enable Data Multicast host and enable ‘Accept Inputs’ option
  • Enable Data Multicast on another device (Non-Host) and enable ‘Multicast Inputs’ option

At Non-Host device edit or create new dashboard:

  • Add image gauge and go to ‘Look’n Feel->Special’ and enable ‘Multicast Touchpad’ option.
  • Add button gauge and go to ‘Look’n Feel->Special’ and enable ‘Multicast Touchpad Button 1’ option.
  • Save dashboard and touches on touchpad gauge are transmitted to another RealDash instance.

Optionally you can add Touchpad Button 2 which acts as right mouse button. Also, new ‘Open Virtual Keyboard’ action can be used and key events are multicasted to the receiver.

See ‘Remote controller example’ in Gallery for generic remote controller dashboard.