RealDash version 1.7.9

  • 1.7.9 released 20.8.2020


  • AEM Serial Telemetry is now supported.
  • New gauge option: Disable aspect correction on load.
  • New option: Disable internal GPS (Settings->Application->2nd page).
  • Android & Windows: Option to select datalog save path.
  • Android: RealDash navigation can now be launched from geo-links.


  • Fixed Vipec ECU USB connection.
  • Map tile loading performance updated.
  • Android: Option to select external drives as music source.

AEM Serial Telemetry currently uses only the default serial telemetry setup. To configure default serial telemetry:

  • Open AEMTuner
  • Go to ‘Wizards->Setup Wizard’
  • Select Wizard type: Telemetry: Serial
  • Select AEM Serial Datastream Gauge (02v02 firmware)
  • Press ‘Apply’

New ‘Disable aspect correction on load’ option, found in Look’n Feel->Special, can be used when gauge is preferred NOT to scale to different aspect ratios. Note that using this option will distort the gauge aspect when loaded into different than aspect ratio where dashboard was saved on; for example round gauges with this option will not remain round when loaded to different aspect. This option is mostly usable with text gauges, for example when you wan’t to keep the gauge in edge of the screen regardless of what aspect dashboard is loaded into.