RealDash version 1.8.0

  • 1.8.0 released 18.9.2020


  • Speeduino serial0 updated to August 2020 firmware.
  • Custom intro images now use fade in between.
  • Enum can now be used with OBD2-XML files.
  • Local time and ISO time now have internal values as seconds since midnight that can be used with triggers.
  • OBDLink adapter as CAN device is now able to read and clear error codes.
  • New voice command: Open Spotify.
  • OBD2: Added profile, GM LS (typical).


  • Range calculation uses more recent consumption data.
  • Instant and average fuel consumption now uses the correction factor in same way.
  • DashTalk UTF8 support fixed.
  • Body Electronics->Fuel Level has some additional averaging filtering.
  • Weather info is updated faster on app startup.
  • Fuel Pressure input moved to ‘Engine’ category.
  • Reduced memory fragmentation, performance increase on low end devices.
  • History mode gauges are updated when on another page.
  • Queued speech is now canceled when speech recognition is activated.
  • Longest trip is no longer cumulative.
  • Fixed speech recognition starting from button presses.
  • Link: Fixed short and long datastream to match latest G4+ spec.
  • OBD2: Fixed reply parsing when request is longer than 4 characters.
  • OBD2: Fixed reply parsing when multiple ECUs reply to the request.

If you are using custom XML with OBD2 connection you may need to update the ‘conversion’ for the values when command ‘send’ is longer than 4 characters. Sorry for the inconvenience.