RealDash version 1.8.1

  • 1.8.1 released 7.10.2020


  • Pro Tune ECUs are now supported.
  • New gauge history mode: Average.
  • Option to specify custom lookup table for input values.
  • Added AEM 22 CAN XML profiles.
  • OBD2 Profile: Citroën KWP-Slow 2000-2003.


  • IP/UDP/WiFi connections use considerably less CPU.
  • Fixed Gif animation playback speed when frame delay time in Gif was 0.
  • Current state is saved in multiple events.
  • Improved performance of the XML ‘conversion’ and Gauge Math handling.
  • OBD2: Improved multiline reply parsing.
  • OBD2: new XML parameter; ecu.
  • Speeduino: gear is now a custom input value.
  • Android: Fixed the BLE support and Disable BLE option.

This version has new ‘dynamic input scaling’ feature which allows to use lookup table to convert input value in non-linear manner. This option is available to all ‘ECU Specific’ inputs and can be accessed from input select popup.

When gauge history mode is set to average, the ‘History Show Time’ option adjusts the where average is calculated.

OBD2 XML has a new parameter ‘ecu’, and parsing has been improved to allow reading desired value from specific ECU. See OBD2 XML documentation here: … aster/OBD2