RealDash version 1.8.2

  • 1.8.2 released 27.10.2020


  • New edit options: Page->Scale All Up/Down (ctrl+8 and ctrl+9).
  • New input: Fuel Cut Active.
  • New calculated values: Fuel Consumption (Liters or gallons per hour) and Current Gear Ratio.
  • XML ‘enum’ can now use range of values.
  • New setting: Vehicle max speed and corresponding autoscaling option.


  • CAN monitor font size is increased on high res screens.
  • RealDash CAN protocol can now write GPS location to ids 307 and 308.
  • Fixed a crash in CAN Monitor.
  • Fuel consumption correction factor can now be set to 0.
  • Space evenly edit command now works with two selected gauges.
  • Fixed hang in intro if one custom image is set and file not available.
  • FH4: MaxRPM is now set from telemetry stream.
  • FH4: Pedal positions are now scaled correctly to 0-100.