RealDash version 1.8.4

  • 1.8.4 released 27.11.2020


  • GM LS3 typical CAN description added.
  • Emerald ECU K3 and K6 CAN description added.
  • New Action: Fade Gauge.
  • Quick settings option: Reset service distance.
  • Android: External Music player now supports song position, duration and album art (tested on Spotify, Requires Android API level 21 or newer)
  • Android & Win10: Restore purchases option added.


  • Gallery shows individual loading icons for each thumbnail image.
  • Fixed external GPS altitude going to 0.
  • Fixed speed autoscale with indicators when max speed is active.
  • Arc-Gauge indicator shadow is fixed.
  • Fixed CAN monitor showing big/little endian wrong way around.
  • ME442: updated AFR location in data stream.
  • OBD2: Fixed some custom PID parsing (without headers).

The ‘Fade Gauge’ action is not actually a new action. Previously Fade animation was always specified in animation XML file, but now Fade Gauge action is made visible as a normal action.

Note, that if you use animation XML file, it will always override ALL animation triggers and actions, including Fade actions that was added in RealDash.

Fade Gauge action uses 4 parameters:

Start transparency (0.0 - 1.0), or set to -1 to use what ever fade is currently on the target Gauge
Target transparency (0.0 - 1.0)
Time in seconds how long the animation is
Delay in seconds of how long to hold until animation starts.