RealDash version 1.8.7

  • 1.8.7 released 15.1.2021


  • Codemasters F1 2020 is now supported.
  • CAN monitor has a record feature.
  • CAN XML supports composite Ids.
  • Race track: Willowbank, Australia.
  • Windows: multiple instance support.


  • Generic performance fixes.
  • Fixed potential crash on data input system.
  • Fixed unit conversions not working on some gauges.
  • Android: Fixed potential crash on accessing device volume.
  • iOS: Fixed OBDLink MX+ not reconnecting properly.

Special thanks to cel_turbo, SchuKingR, nemiro for testing help!

CAN monitor record feature
CAN Monitor has a record button that records incoming CAN frames. Recordings are saved in user datalogging folder. Recording is in following CSV format:

Index,System Time,Channel,Direction,Frame ID,Data
1,16:10:07.793,ch1,R,0x03e8,x| 15 A0 00 00 00 16 90 00
2,16:10:07.795,ch1,R,0x03e8,x| 15 9D 06 C4 00 A9 2D 55
3,16:10:07.796,ch1,R,0x03e8,x| 15 9E 00 17 01 BE 6F 00
4,16:10:07.798,ch1,R,0x03e8,x| 15 9F 02 9E 05 A9 00 00

CAN XML Composite IDs
Some systems may have limited amount of CAN IDs available for devices. The Composite ID allows to re-use the CAN ID and contain varying data in the frame by including a Composite ID in CAN frame data.

The RealDash CAN XML format now supports usage of Composite ID:

    <frame id="0x3E8:5533,0,2" endianess="big">
      <value targetId="37" offset="2" length="2"></value> <!-- RPM -->
      <value targetId="31" offset="4" length="2" conversion="V-100"></value> <!-- MAP -->
      <value targetId="14" offset="6" length="1" conversion="V-50"></value> <!-- CLT -->
      <value targetId="27" offset="7" length="1" conversion="V-50"></value> <!-- IAT -->

The Composite ID is defined in frame ‘id’ attribute. The values in id are:

  1. CAN_ID: the frame CAN ID (as in previous versions).
  2. COMPOSITE_ID: Composite ID that is read from frame data.
  3. COMPOSITE_ID_OFFSET: Offset (in bytes) where Composite ID is in frame data.
  4. COMPOSITE_ID_LENGTH: Length (in bytes) of the Composite ID in frame data.

Composite ID extension has no effect on existing setups and frame ‘id’ attribute can still be used normally without extra Composite ID values.