RealDash version 1.8.8

  • 1.8.8 released 3.2.2021


  • Option to enable/disable triggers.
  • Option to combine dashboard files.


  • Dashboard files load considerably faster.
  • Swapped CAN monitor endianness.
  • Fixed potential crash in input system.
  • Fixed app state not saving on exit.
  • Virtual Dyno shows more precise graphs.
  • Page switching actions are not run when in edit mode.
  • Fixed problem top menu not opening when a button is underneath.
  • Fixed too big images in assets popup.
  • Fixed graphical glitch on Input & Values with button gauge with mask image.
  • Service reminder now works with negative distance.
  • Windows: Fixed global action sound effect.


When in edit mode, the file menu has new option ‘Combine’. This allows to load another dashboard file and combine it with the current one. While this feature worked well on our testing, it is recommended to keep backups of your dashboard files. For copyright reasons, premium dashboards cannot be combined to others.