RealDash version 1.9.3

  • 1.9.3 released 12.4.2021


  • Racetracks: Spain, Autocross Esplús and Autocross Cerro Negro


  • Fixed some overlapping text due larger UI font.
  • LDS now sends throttle position instead of Pulse Width 1.
  • Fixed LDS not working with user name with dot character.
  • Added a warning message if large image asset is added to the dash.
  • Improved UX on Log Viewer.
  • Fixed nasty crash with multiple profiles in Garage (introduced in 1.9.2).
  • Windows 10: Fixed app not starting on some computer configurations.

    This is mainly a maintenance release. However, it does contain a improvement in saving the critical data in case of power loss during the run. In this case, trip diary items, trip, odo etc values should maintain their values from few seconds back.

Those who have used the Log Viewer will enjoy couple of improvements.

  • You can quickly toggle a certain value on/off by tapping the color button on the left menu.
  • Text size is increased in small screens for better viewing.