RealDash version 1.9.4

  • 1.9.4-C released 2.8.2021 (C-version is Android only)


  • Android 11, fixed speech recognition not starting
  • Android & iOS: Added support for WeBee B-0004 BLE module.


  • Fixed calculated odometer not updating if large value was set from the garage.
  • Fixed Axis gauge not updating y-axis after dash is re-loaded.
  • Fixed log playback not displaying gear if it is saved to log file as text.
  • Log file parsing for playback/log viewer is now faster.

On Android 11, the RealDash all files access permission was not accepted by Google. If you are using Android 11 or newer and have trouble selecting root files folder or saving dashboard files, please use the version from this Dropbox folder: