RealDash version 1.9.5

  • 1.9.5 released 27.8.2021


  • 1Mbps CAN speed is now supported on OBDLink CAN adapter mode.
  • Racetrack: Achna Speedway, Cyprus.


  • Android 10> File security issues.
  • rusEFI support.
  • Trip not saving all data when only GPS is used.
  • Added indicator scale option to IndicatorBar gauge.
  • Bar gauges not updating on Look’n Feel preview.
  • iOS: Fixed error that caused datalogging not to start.
  • iOS: Fixed problem in datalog viewer not updating correctly when new log file was loaded.

Note to Android 10 (and newer) users. Due the strict file security, RealDash is no longer able to access files outside of its specific storage location. In practise this means:

  • RealDash stores all files in ‘Internal Storage/Android/Data/com.napko.RealDash/files’ folder (Android 9 and older versions still use ‘Internal Storage/RealDash’). If updated from older Android to 10 or newer, RealDash will not be able to access any files from old file location. It is possible to use a PC connection to transfer files to new location.
  • Music files location can no longer be selected by user. The Android default music files location (typically ‘Internal Storage/Music’) is used automatically.
  • Datalog files store location can no longer be selected by user. It is always ‘Internal Storage/Android/Data/com.napko.RealDash/files/datalogs’
  • The ‘Internal Storage/Android/Data/com.napko.RealDash/files’ folder is deleted automatically on uninstall and Android file managers are not typically able access files on that location. You need to back up those files manually onto a PC, which still seems to see this storage folder.
  • RealDash is no longer able to directly open files from outside its storage folder. For this reason, all file dialogs are replaced with RD internal popups with import and export options. This will make working with files more cumbersome, but there is no way around it on Android 10>.