RealDash version 1.9.6

  • 1.9.6 released 23.9.2021



  • Multicast values are refreshed on client connect.
  • Odometer value save when changed from garage.
  • RealDash CAN connection option moved to ‘Adapters’ section.
  • Improved the reliability of ‘Type 2’ CAN-USB adapter.
  • Data latency of all connections is improved.
  • Android: Fixed app not starting on some Android 11 devices.
  • iOS: Fixed dashboard file import.
  • iOS: Fixed datalog playback file select.


Incoming data latency has been improved quite a bit. The improvement will be noticeable especially on low performance devices. Though, this improvement comes with exchange of higher power consumption. While this change has been extensively tested, please report any problems with your data connections.

My RealDash specific version is also available from ‘Downloads’ section.