RealDash version 2.0.2

  • 2.0.2 released 19.1.2022


  • Option to change device name for MRD.
  • Linux: Video and Camera playback via libvlc.


  • Increased Quick Settings close button area.
  • Service Due message.
  • CAN adapter selection help button moved out of the way.
  • Fixed issues with nested containers.
  • Added support for alternate GIF animation.
  • Added tag [VALUETEXT:###] for Speak Text action.
  • Color sliders now affect all colors of autoscaled gauges.
  • CAN adapter (type 1) now receives frames with less than 8 bytes.
  • Autoscale max text size is increased to 500.
  • Fixed input custom scaling UI crash.
  • Improved MRD offline behaviour.
  • Windows: Fixed crash in Location services when offline.
  • iOS: Fixed crash when importing garage settings containing USB connection.

In this release we concentrated into bug fixes and some usability improvements.