RealDash version 2.0.6

  • 2.0.6 released 30.3.2022


  • Support for MRD community dashboards.
  • Calculated value: Distance to nearest speed camera.
  • Action type: Set Value (formula).
  • Hex values (0x prefix) can now be used in conversion and Gauge Math.
  • Gauge Math and ‘Set Value (formula)’ action now accepts input names in quotas (“”). See notes below.
  • Conversion and Gauge Math now supports bitwise and/or (& |).
  • Conversion and Gauge Math now supports min and max functions.
  • Action and trigger lists now support multiselect.
  • Android: SocketCAN support (experimental).
  • iOS: Portrait mode for iPad (experimental).


  • Colorslider setting via actions.
  • Map gauge blend color no longer changes with color slider.
  • Crash when editing triggers/actions and entering into edit mode twice.
  • Quit Application action with empty parameter now quits RealDash.
  • Linux: Fixed GPIO module not properly linked to Triggers and Actions.

This is a first version to support My RealDash community dashboards. On MRD web page you will be able to share your dashboards with all other MRD users, or with specific users only. To upload a dash file to MRD, go into Edit Mode and select ‘File->Upload to My RealDash’.

For more detailed info about MRD Community Dashboards, see

There is a new Action type: ‘Set Value (formula)’ it allows to write custom formula to set the value by. The formula follows same rules as Gauge Math and XML-Conversion. Please note that there is a new option in conversion to put any value name in quotas into the formula. As the double quota (") cannot be used in XML, this will change into single quota (') for next release to make this new feature compatible with XML conversion attribute. So, consider the new ‘Set Value (formula)’ action as experimental.