RealDash version 2.1.7

  • 2.1.7 released 22.11.2022


  • Option to remove duplicate Triggers and Actions.


  • Dash page crossfade transition when zoom is applied.
  • Fixed crash on loading some log files.
  • RDCan XML supports 64bit initialValue attributes.
  • Fixed crash in loading 2.1.6 saved dashboard files with older RealDash.
  • Android 12>: Bluetooth permissions with some BT devices.

Previous version (2.1.6) introduced a new feature of dashboard page transition animations. This feature made .rd files not compatible with older (<2.1.6) versions of RealDash. This version tags the .rd file that 2.1.7 is required to load it and older versions will show a message that newer version is required to use that dashboard.

Please update and save any 2.1.6 saved .rd file with 2.1.7 or newer. Also, if you have shared dashboard files in MRD that has been saved with 2.1.6, please update to 2.1.7 saved version.