RealDash version 2.2.0

  • 2.2.0 released 30.1.2023


  • Deleting trip file in RD also deletes it from MRD.
  • Slider Gauge has new parameter for stepping the attached value.
  • New Racetracks: US: Pueblo Motorsports Park, High Plains Raceway, Freedom Factory. Brazil: Autódromo Internacional de Guaporé.


  • Engine size is set correctly (cid/cc)
  • Garage: Vehicle color preview box now updates correctly.
  • Garage: Vehicle color popup no longer closes when slider is dragged outside of the popup.
  • Garage: Editing values now opens the virtual keyboard immediately.
  • Garage: New profile uses default input mapping.
  • Linux: Fixed crash on KDE desktop.

This version has an update that may help on those who have experienced settings being lost on random boots. We were not able to reproduce this problem in any of our test devices, and it still could be that this only affects those who use their device by forcefully pulling power from the device without giving apps a chance to gracefully shut down. That said, we found something that may have caused this problem. It is possible to experience one more settings lost situation on devices that have experienced this earlier.