RealDash version 2.2.2

  • 2.2.2 released 3.3.2023


  • Trigger from keyboard keypress.
  • Support for RaceBox Mini (untested).


  • Fixed automatic RPM scale.
  • Fixed crash on some exotic fonts.
  • Gauges in container use mask image.
  • Show Gauge action now works after dashboard was saved with Hide Gauge actions active.
  • MRD: Fixed occasional 401 error on file transfers.
  • Android: Removed Google Play Games integration.
  • iOS: Removed Gamecenter integration.


Keyboard keypresses can now be used as triggers. To use:

  • Create new trigger
  • On Trigger condition, select source input as ‘Device Inputs->Keyboard Status’.
  • Select condition: ‘key is pressed’
  • Press button ‘Select Key’, a popup will appear that waits for a keypress to register.
  • Go back to edit trigger and do the same to Reset Condition, with exception of condition being ‘key is not pressed’

The RaceBox Mini support is developed per their documentation but has not been tested on real device. If you have RaceBox Mini, please report back if it is working properly.

The gauges inside the container did not support usage of mask image. This is a technical limitation that rendering engine can only use one active mask and mask image usage was reserved for the container itself. This version allows to use mask images on gauges inside a container, but only when container itself has no mask image set. If container has a mask image, it overrides any mask image of gauges inside the container.