RealDash version 2.2.8

  • 2.2.8 released 31.5.2023


  • Data Debug View
  • Link ECU: Generic Dash Stream (DisplayLink) CAN output is now supported.
  • iOS: vLinker FS OBD2 adapter is now supported.


  • Manually updated odometer in Garage is now also synced to MRD.
  • Range calculation is based on trip A avg consumption.
  • Slider gauge copy-paste now retains the direction of the gauge.
  • Datalog playback shows speed regardless of the selected speed input.
  • Map gauge no longer has slider for zoom (with no touch screen). Zoom with mouse wheel or drag with right mouse button down.
  • Improved precision of quarter mile time calculations.
  • Connection attempt now imports all ECU Specific values.
  • MRD: Fixed removed community dashboards not updating on Gallery.
  • Windows: Fixed sticky CTRL-key.

The Data Debug View is quick and dirty view for all inputs received by RealDash. Activate the Data Debug View from ‘Settings->Application->Debug’, or with keyboard press CTRL+D on dashboard.

Also note on Data Debug View; it shows ‘raw’ received info, so unit conversions are not applied to what you see there. Typically this means that all values in Data Debug View are in metric as unit conversions happen only at Gauge level.

Any connection attempt will now import connection specific custom values. On previous versions actual connection had to occur.

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ECU Specific works. Thanks!

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