RealDash version 2.3.0

  • 2.3.0 released 14.8.2023


  • Added some Cruise Control related inputs.
  • Speed camera blinks on map gauge when approaching.


  • LDS now connects to MRD.
  • XML Enum is now set to numeric value of target input.
  • OBD2 Monitor protocol detection now stops when working protocol is detected.
  • Megasquirt: Fixed speed values not scaling correctly on latest firmwares/ini.
  • Linux: Fixed SocketCAN frame send.
  • Linux: dbus no longer holds RealDash as zombie process.
  • MRD: Downloading update file now shows progress.

This version includes experimental ‘Auto-Speed Cruise Control’ feature. This can be enabled If you have an ECU with Cruise Control and you are able to expose its control events to RealDash. The Auto-Speed Cruise Control adjusts the cruise speed based on current speed limit and nearby speed cameras.

Its clear without saying that this is highly experimental and you use that completely at your own risk. It has been tested on our DEATHFISH 2 project with MaxxECU, and seems to work quite fine on that setup. Also related to this, the speed limits and camera info comes from OpenStreetMaps, and information there is not always correct. You can edit your neighbourhood value on