RealDash version 2.3.5

2.3.5 released 23.1.2024


  • New input values for Trip B.
  • Trip B is now saved between sessions.
  • Old Trip B values has been renamed to Current Trip.
  • Selecting CAN & OBD2 XML files has new UI as old one ran out of space.
  • Ignijet ECU CAN connection.
  • Spitronics Mercury3 is now supported.


  • Fixed multiple issues with edit grid.
  • Editing: Center option now respects the last selected gauge.
  • Android 14: Fixed issues with connections.

How would be the best way to implement Trip B resetting every day? i.e. resetting at 12am each day?
I assume if Realdash isn’t on at that time a trigger wont know to reset at that time.
The setup is an android headunit and is powered off between drives so I don’t think I can use a dummy timer either.

Thank you in advance for your help.

This is difficult to achieve as RealDash does not run as background process. You could use ‘Device Inputs->Time (local)’ to reset the trip as internally that input is seconds since midnight, and you could use that with AND to say Engine runtime (hrs). That would require action to reset the engine runtime too. It would not be 100% reliable like that either.

Bummer there is no easy solution.
I think what ill try is resetting Trip B when engine oil temp is less then say 30 degrees celcius and a dummy timer is less then 5 seconds. This way it should reset if the car has been left a considerable amount of time but not when going for a drive and having a quick stop at the shops or for petrol etc. The timer is there so if the oil temp is 10 degrees in the morning it doesn’t keep resetting until its over 30 degrees.
Hopefully this works as a good solution.

Thank you again


@realdashdev is it possible to add a Reset Current Trip action, equivalent to Reset Trip A and Reset Trip B?

Sure, will add to next release.