RealDash version 2.3.8

  • 2.3.8 released 22.3.2024


  • New Action: Run Intro.
  • Haltech CAN error code reading.
  • Android: Video player changed to ExoPlayer from media3 extension.


  • Bar Gauge uses additive blending correctly.
  • Bar Gauge background image uses image subframe.
  • Fixed button crash on Edit Action screen.
  • Fixed Navigation not starting from Quick Settings.
  • Android: Fixed USB connection with unnamed USB devices.
  • RPi5 GPIO now works.
  • GPIO Servo motor control is now more precise.


Android version video player has been updated to use ExoPlayer from media3 extension library. That supports RTSP video streaming and possible some others. See ExoPlayer format support here:

This version also has experimental mouse/touch gesture to emit a Back/Esc keyboard button press. With mouse, hold down left mouse button and tap right one. With touch screens, hold one finger on the screen and tap with another.


Great news, is the precision about the Servo GPIO’s for RPi5 only or general?!

I am trying to do a clean install on the newest 64bit debian bookworm and am getting an error when installing. the error is “realdash depends on libgpiod; however: Package libgpiod is not installed.”

dpkg shows these installed

The back button worked perfectly, thank you very much.

Fix is universal to all versions.

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sudo apt install libgpiod

You have -dev and -doc packages installed, but not the non-dev one.

I have tried that to no avail (apt was updated and upgraded first).

before rd install I get “Unable to locate package libgpiod”
after rd fails and i retry that I get “Package ‘libgpiod’ has no installation candidate”

Can you share what version of libgpiod AND list the libgpiod… packages installed?

do i have to perform a fresh new install on RPi5 i checked for the update from the realdash “about” section and it downloaded to the realdash folder but didn’t automatic install the update.

Yes, we messed up the Linux install package. See here:

Linux version info and install instructions - General / General RealDash discussion - RealDash Forum