RealDash version 2.3.9

  • 2.3.9 released 6.5.2024


  • Image Gauge Effects
  • SLCAN support (CANable adapter)
  • Ecumaster Emu Black CAN support.


  • Setting 0 to hours between services disables its notifications.
  • Ecu Specific values have their own category in Debug Data View.
  • Some popup dismiss buttons moved to left corner.
  • XML file selection has buttons for file import.
  • Dash loading uses multiple cores if available.
  • Fixed overly aggressive map tile loading that caused performance issues on low end devices.
  • XML file selection has buttons for file import.

I love it! Such a time saver.

Any delay with Windows store version? Mine is not updating - fixed , had to uninstall / reinstall.

Possible to have standalone Windows version in MRD downloads?

With the update, all my devices were in automatic update, now on all of them the RPM is bugged, stuck at 8 thousand revolutions
it seems that endianess"big" is not being read

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We tested the 2.3.9 with Megasquirt and MaxxECU CAN, on which Megasquirt uses big endian values. That is working fine, so I do not believe its an issue with endianness attribute.

What setup you have? If possible, send me a log from CAN monitor and your XML file to

Update 2.3.9-2 have been submitted. The endianness was read from ‘frame’ but not from ‘value’. Unfortunately all our test cases used endianness in ‘frame’, so we did not catch this during release testing.

There is also new MRD versions. Mainly, the OSX version has some fixes for window resize issues.

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