RealDash version 2.4.0

  • 2.4.0 released 7.6.2024


  • Custom value mapping is now exported/imported with garage settings.


  • Value Changed trigger now works with text values.
  • Fixed parsing error on XML files when conversion referred to other custom values.
  • AM/PM is now correct around noon and midnight.
  • Fixed occasional crash on multicore dash loading.
  • Units attribute is now updated on custom values when re-importing XML.
  • Fixed issues with CSV datalog files with value names containing commas.
  • Service distance and hours are not triggered immediately on fresh install.
  • OSX: Fixed some window resize crashes.
  • OSX: Bluetooth permission is now asked from the user.
  • RPi: GPIO is not initialized if not used by current dashboard.

Have 99 acura tl J32A1 engine using my elm 327 v2.1 diagnostic scanner will i be able to.use that along with my android fir adding some tunes

Assuming you mean changing your vehicle ECU parameters, Iā€™d say no. RealDash does not include any functionality to tune your vehicle.

Thank you for your time would you know of an app that i can