RealDash with custom inputs on ME442?

Evening all,

I’m planning on upgrading to an ME442 ECU, and more my dash system to RealDash via an android tablet.

At the same time I’d like to bring some of my sensors onto the dash platform (oil temp, pressure etc) rather than to external gauges.

The Meite software (which is used for the ME442 ECU) can assign these sensors to analog channels and bring them into the ECU for logging easily enough, but what I’d like to know is if Realdash is also able display them along with the standard RPM, Voltage, etc…

Many thanks,

As far as I know, the data stream from ME221/ME442 is fixed and cannot be modified. I can be wrong though.

I’d recommend that you ask Motorsport Electronics directly. To my experience, they have been very helpful.