Realdash without OBD2 decoder?

Hi guys,
Is there any way to use RealDash app without additional OBD2 adapter/decoder?
I have Android 11 multimedia installed on my Audi A6 4F. Since the multimedia is connected to CAN gateway and uses the signal to show for example open/close door, seatbelt, etc., there should be a way Realdash app to use CAN signal too.
Android 11, SD662

RealDash works best with CAN actually, you can tap into your canbus and setup a connection in the RD Garage, do a little more searching :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I searched all the connection settings in Realdash garage, but didn’t find no one to work without external wifi or bluetooth adapter. Can you advise me which one is the correct one, please.

For wired CAN connection you will need to use Adapters CAN/LIN option, the seeed studio adapter works well and is cheap.

You may need to reverse engineer your can stream or find some information about it online and then tell RD how to interpret the stream via realdash can xml.

Have fun.


Actually, my question was if it is possible to not use any additional devices and adapters. The multimedia is already connected to CAN and some installed apps can read the signal to interact the screen. Maybe there is an option to tell Reardash to take this signal…

Some vehicle specific Android devices do use Socket CAN as internal CAN communication and may work without adapter. Try creating a SocketCAN connection and go to CAN Monitor to see if you get any data.

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Hi, can you guide me step by step how to do this. Thanks!


  • Verify that your Android device CAN lines are connected to the vehicle.
  • Open RealDash, open top menu and go to ‘Garage’
  • Open vehicle door and tap the instrument cluster. Then tap ‘ADD’ from the list.
  • Select ‘Adapters (CAN/LIN)->SocketCAN’
  • On connection settings, tap ‘CAN Monitor’ button
  • If you see data coming, you are all set. Otherwise go back and try to tweak CAN Interface name and CAN Speed settings. At this point you really need to know what your vehicle CAN bus configuration is.

Thanks! , will try it

following you advice I selected SocketCAN in instrument cluster settings. Searching over internet, CAN speed of engine should be 500, instrument speed is 100.
I tried all the description files and above speeds, but cant see any data flow.
My android device is connected directly to CAN Gateway. Do you know which one description file uses Audi?

Ok, that probably means that your device does not use SocketCAN and only option is to use external adapter.

Also, we do not have Audi CAN descriptions available, so you’d need to develop or find that. Try with OBD2 connection instead. Many VW vehicles have pretty good throughput with OBD2. You will not get all indicators etc though.