RealdashCAN and BLE

We start developing HW project with CAN bus and Bluetooth Low Energy and we want to add support for RealDash app. So my question is are RealDashCan can work over BLE or it only support clasic BT?

BLE is supported by RealDash, but only on Android and iOS devices. Windows support is not implemented.

Thank you!
That will work for us. Is there some example for RealDash-CAN over BLE like RealDash CAN Arduino examples for classic BT? If not, does the RealDash app look for some specific BLE services and characteristics?

The protocol does not care what the underlying transfer layer is, so there is no reason why RealDash CAN protocol wouldn’t work with BLE. Though, BLE has its own problems like generally slow transfer rate which is caused by weak signal and lots of error correcting.

For the characteristics, I know that HM-10 BLE module does work with RealDash, so maybe start with that one.

I have a BLE peripheral that has one Notify Characteristic that streams out RealDash CAN formatted data. Notification is faster than Indication Characteristics since confirmation of successful delivery is not required.

By selecting: Adapters (CAN/LIN) → RealDash CAN → Bluetooth → I can select my device but not see anything in Can Monitor. It shows: Not connected, connecting

I’m thinking that RealDash is not looking for Notification, only for Indication Characteristics maybe?