Realtime errors from obd2

I am designing a instrument cluster replacement with RealDash. This means the original cluster will be removed and the new one with realdash will be fitted.

The original cluster has a small lcd screen where it shows fuel economy, the odometer, distance, etc. But it also shows any faults of the car, like a bulb fault or engine fault.

When I replace the cluster, I don’t have that lcd anymore. Can I get realtime errors shown in Realdash by the obd2 protocol when the error occurs? Example: turn signal bulb blows, error message shows in Realdash.

Is this possible and if yes, how to setup?

Thank you in advance.

Those are for sure vehicle specific information and not part of the OBD2 standard. While it is possible to get that information with ELM327 adapter, it may prove very difficult to find correct PIDs to read them.

To get those working, a better solution would be a direct CAN connection. Downside is that you have to map absolutely everything from your car and write the corresponding XML file that describes the CAN frames for RealDash. It is a lot of work but end result will be better.

That’s a pitty, but understandable. Thnaks for your quick reply.

Nothing just happens! I walked this hard way! Believe me, it’s worth it))) This is the best I’ve done!