Recently updated - lost the little functionality I had previously

Hi there,

I have a 1997 Nissan Stagea running RealDash via consult protocol. (same engine / electronics as R34 Skyline)

I recently updated to the latest version of RealDash (likely from a much earlier version) and it seems that the few inputs that were working previously have been re-assigned elsewhere… the only one I seem to get any response from is RPM in RealDash, which appears to be a different signal from the ECU anyway.

I assume that various Nissan vehicles likely have different address registers for certain information.
I was wondering if you had any documentation as to what addresses RealDash uses for Nissan Consult?

Perhaps it might be handy to have the option to manually assign our own inputs from Consult, assuming an address mismatch is the cause?

Alternatively it might be possible to assign the addresses based off the ECU part number detected? I believe this is how Nissan Data Scan does it?

For all I know I could be completely off the mark with this stuff, it’s not necessarily my forte, I look forward to your response.

We did update Consult addresses couple versions back. We did not change any addresses, but we did add some new ones with a support detection. This may be the thing causing issues with your vehicle.

Send me a debug log and I will take a look.

Hey mate,

Sorry for the delay.

I’ve uploaded a debug log about 2 hours prior to this post.