refueling distance

I’m trying to get the distance to the next refueling. I did not find this option in RealDash.
I want to play it myself.
I have an OBD: Fuel level, as well as: fuel consumption in calculated values.
How do I get the distance to the gas station?
Can I take (Fuel level / fuel consumption) * 100 = the distance to the gas station.
How do I correctly carry out mathematical calculations in RealDash?
PS if I use the “Range” parameter to get the flow oo the data is received incorrect.
For instance:
fuel level = 30 liters
Consumption = 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers
(30 / 7.5) * 100 =
400km before refueling,
And in the “range” parameter, 206 km is displayed.

Maybe I didn’t configure something?

The injector size parameter is calibrated for my engine and is 85 ss …
Help me figure it out because a lot of time I’ve taken it already, but I still don’t figure it out.
What interests me most is whether RealDash can perform mathematical operations on inputs: specific ecu?

It feels like Range shows miles.

I will check the range calculation code.

Edit: The value ‘Range (Calculated)’ is calculated as:
( ‘Fuel Amount (Calculated)’ / ‘Trip A: Average Fuel Consumption’) * 100

In kilometers?

Yes, everything is handled in metric internally and only converted at display stage.

Thanks. So my settings are not correct. I will watch them.
Is it possible in MATCH to make mathematical calculations on two or more inputs: specific ecu?
For instance:
Specific ecu: “MAIN VALUE” = “speedometer 1” + “Tachometer1”?

OK. I found out that my fuel amount is jumping like mad for some reason!
Then I have another question: what is involved in the calculation of “fuel amount”?