Renault Clio RS 200 Pyren export

Hello Team,

I have scanned my car using the pyren software,
This has allowed me to find out the mode / pid for each data set for the dash E.G indicators.

But I don’t understand the structure. I understand Hexadecimal and binary formats but i maybe missing some information.

For example 1:

Battery voltage 12v, Mode&PID: 2112, equation (X * 256 + Y)/1000.0, Header 743.

Example 2:

Parking brake, mode&PID: 2110, {A:7} header 743.

Thank you in advance.


I think its best that you start by experimenting with RealDash OBD2 Monitor, which is in connection settings. There you can just type the OBD2 commands and see what is the reply from your vehicle.

ATSH command is used to set the header, and then you can request the PID. For example:


And check what are the responses from your car.


apologies for not replying had troubles with my car

finally got around to do what you said… and i got the following responses:

so im looking for LEFT INDICATOR REQUEST PID 2111 Equation {D:7}

i sent 2111 PID and i got the followling back


these are all the available Equations for that PID


I get this Apologies

There are two CAnbus lines on the Reanult OBD2 port. I have access to two obdllink tools:

  • oblink mx+
  • oblink EX

I’m assuming that all standard applications will communicate with the “UCH gateway” for its PID via pins 12 and 13.
Or am I correct in thinking that it will use both canbus lines depending on how commands are sent down both lines?

I’d like to sniff the traffic now that I know the Dash CanBus is on Pins 6 and 14.

Can I sniff the traffic with these tools, and if so, what software should I use? Or do I need more specialised tools and/or a Linux operating system?
Canbus Wiring.png

After arranging all of the letters, it appears that there is a pattern.
ID - Bits?
7 63 03 7f 21 80
00000111 00111111 00000011 0011 0111 1111 0010 0001 1000 0000
8bit 8 bits 8 bits 3bits 1bit 2bits 4 bits 8 bits 8 bits 8 bits 2 bits 3 bits

63bits in total

how would you read that? from right going left?

so we have diagnostic socket canL mulimedia signal

and instrument panel Can
Screenshot 2022-06-23 165202.png