Replacing CAN description file on WIN without adaptor connected

Is there a way to replace/update the CAN description file on RealDash Windows app, without the adaptor being connected?

I’m using RealDash on Windows just to create Dashboards and select Inputs and so on. (As it’s much easier than on the tablet).
However If I go to my garage and to the place where I can set a CAN description file. It’s not possible to apply changes.
So it’s only possible to select a new CAN description file, but not to save this change.
Therefore I cannot select new CAN inputs in Dashboard Edit mode on windows.
Meaning I can change all the design stuff and add gauges and so on. But I have to switch to Android dashboard in order to select new inputs.

No save or apply button. Only cancel or return.

This has been by design, so any custom inputs defined in XML are only applied when actual connection is made. This has been there to protect from malformed XML files.

But as of now, I think I can change this to import the custom values when your actually import the file in connection settings. Will do for next release.

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I took a look, and parsing of custom values on XML load is already there, and I think that I misunderstood your question in the first place.

If you make changes to your XML file and want to update, there is two things you need to do.

  • Go to ‘Settings->Units & Values->Imported Values’ and delete all values from that list. You can use ctrl+a or long touch to select them all.
  • Then go to the connection settings and import the XML file again.

Then you will have a ‘fresh’ set of custom values from your XML file.

I think your first intepretation was actually right.

Then go to the connection settings and import the XML file again.

I can’t do this. I can just select a new xml. But I can’t save it, as long I’m not connected.
I can only go back or hit the cancel (x) button. Both ways it doesn’t take over the values from the new xml file, as long as my CAN-Device is not connected.
And it’s not connected as I’m on my Windows desktop and not on the actual tablet in the vehicle.

Ok, will take a look that next version imports the custom values as soon as you import the file in connection settings.

great, thanks you !

Will make things easier I think.

Was this implemented, I prefer to make changes to my dash on my windows desktop, but I can’t see a way to load the XML without setting up a connection. This would allow me to use custom names for inputs without a connection.

At the moment I have to add the gauges to my dash in windows, then go to my android tablet, load the new dash, load the xml, then set the input for each gauge.

Yes, as soon as you select your custom connection XML, the custom values are imported into RealDash. So you should be able to import the XML into a connection on Windows even if you are not connecting to actual data source while editing dashboard.

I guess this is the bit i’m struggling with, to get to the screen to specifiy the XML file you need to add an adaptor, if no adaptor then i can’t get to the import screen.

I tried - Connections → add → Adapters (CAN/LIN) → RealDash CAN; for example and the next screen asks for the connection type, I tried each and they don’t appear to time out, so i’m stuck, the only option is to hit the X or the back arrow…

Wait!!! I didn’t go far enough on the WIFI/LAN option, this selection does skip looking for a device and gets me to the XML selection screen, I loaded the file and got the custom values loaded!

Feature requests May-be allow the Bluetooth/Serial USB timeout after a set amount of time, or add a skip step button?

I don’t want to do that because I worry that too many users would end up with connections that are not properly configured and that could be very confusing for most users.

Maybe consider adding an import XML option on the vehicle settings screen, just another suggestion, I’m ok for now as I’ve managed to load the file.

This could be an option in Garage burger menu.